Jackie Xiao


Seit März 2020 lebst Du mit der Pandemie – wie hat sich Deine Arbeit verändert und was empfindest Du im Rückblick?

It has definitely been a challenge to have all my projects cancelled. As a freelance musician, it has for sure been a difficult period not knowing when or how the pandemic was going to last. I think this was the worst part in restrospect.

Was hat Dir in dieser schweren Zeit geholfen, Dich selbst zu motivieren, durchzuhalten und weiter zu machen?

Luckily for me personally, I was extremely fortunate to have found a job in another sector working from distance so I was not as financially dependent on the cultural industry. This was also extremely important for me to be able to focus on something else and also gave me another perspective to re-evalute my previous lifestyle in order to find a better work/life balance in general.

Seit November gibt es – wie schon ab März 2020, wieder komplette Einschränkungen für die Kulturbranche – Wie wirst Du mit den weiteren Maßnahmen, die es seit Anfang des Jahres gibt und die jetzt weiter verlängert wurden umgehen und welche Folgen haben diese für Dich?

The only way to deal with the whole situation for me personally is trying to keep mentally and physically fit. Naturally I miss performing, I miss rehearsing, I miss working with my friends and colleagues but I do try to stay in shape, to practice basics which we normally don’t have time for when preparing a different program every week. Trying to see the „positive“ side of things definitely makes it somehow easier to manage.

Welche Folgen hätte es für die Kulturbranche und für Dich persönlich, wenn es weitere Verlängerungen bis in den März oder sogar Ostern geben würde?

I think that the pandemic has had an enormous detrimental effect on the cultural sector given all the cancellations of performances and festivals. However, I feel that it has given us (culture) time to adapt to the digital way of life, thinking outside the box and to create new opportunities. I do also sincerely hope that once we are able to restart again, the general public will notice the absence of culture and will show more support, as we have done during the pandemic for other industries such as local/small businesses and horeca.

Welches Projekt kannst Du im Rückblick seit März 2020 für Dich selber als wichtig erachten?

For me personally, it was great to be able to rehearse and film the Weihnachten mit Jonas Kaufmann project with a chamber orchestra including winds and brass. Of course we all had to be tested forehand for covid but then it did feel like „normal“ for a couple of days. That definitely felt like a breath of fresh air.

Gibt es etwas Besonderes, worauf Du Dich persönlich besonders nach Corona freust?

A new way of life! I think it’s important that we don’t take things for granted, defaulting back to old habits. I look forward to striving towards possible new ways of organizing cultural events, of communicating with our audiences.

Was erwartest Du für Dich in 2022?

A new way of life! I think it‘s important that we don’t take things for granted and default back to old habits. I look forward to striving towards finding new ways of organizing cultural events, of communicating with our audiences and being generally prepared for any possible future disruptions.

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