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Duo Imbesi Zangara


About Duo Imbesi Zangara:

“We are a family and Music is our Home.

An idea of dialogue and continuous interaction between us and our guitars.
Two instruments that describe moods and soundscapes, which come together to seek a common identity and move away to give importance to their own.

An interpretation that knows the historical idea of execution but knows how to distance from it to offer a modern vision of classical language, with an idea of sound linked to the present but capable of evoking the past.

Classical Music is a useful language for the interpreter to tell who he is and what he feels while playing a work.

We do not like the idea of being Music servants: limit yourself and kill your sensitivity……

And we play because Music completes us, makes us feel good and allows us to talk about ourselves.”

Carmelo and Carmen, a couple in art and in life, founded in 2010 Duo Imbesi Zangarà.

Their duo haved performed throughout europe in festivals, theatres and events, collaborating in several operas and theater shows as performers or composer and acclaimed by the public and critics for their brilliant technique, passion, quality of sound.

Many composers dedicated their works to them. From 2011 they are teachers at Conservatory.
They founded the J.K Mertz Academy, where they teach for perfection courses. As coaches are licensed at R. Bandler’s NLP Society USA.

Carmen is a music content writer and love to sing and Carmelo is a lawyer specializing in Entertainment Law.


The Ep Description:

“We arrived at Palazzo Adriano (the original set of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso Movie) during a beautiful Sicilian summer day: an enchanting town where survive old customs, where the old men sit in the square to spend their time between memories.
These recordings, borned for the celebrative videos of the 30th anniversary of the Oscar, bring their emotions, their eyes and their stories about adolescence “actors” and the Dream that Tornatore created and Morricone transformed in Music. In memory of Ennio Morricone.”

The Video descriptions:

“The video was entirely recording in the places of Giuseppe Tornatore’s Film.

The stairways, Totò’s house, the fountain, the streets and the various alleys of Palazzo Adriano return to become the scenery in the journey of the two musicians on the soundtrack performance, composed by Ennio Morricone and arranged for two guitars by the Japanese guitarist Noriyasu Takeuchi.

The four videos describe Palazzo Adriano “Giancaldo” and its citizens who became actors and featured during the movie recording and today present in some moments of the video clips, recounting or recreating the atmosphere of those years.

In the third act, there is also a visit to the Films Museum.

To 30th anniversary of the Oscar winner, to the Genius of Giuseppe Tornatore, to the Palazzo Adrianos Citizens and to the memory of Maestro Ennio Morricone”

Video Playlist
1/4 videos
Main Theme "Cinema Paradiso"
Main Theme "Cinema Paradiso"
Prima Gioventù
Prima Gioventù
Love Theme
Love Theme


are pleased to be able to advise two wonderful artists

the Duo Imbesi Zangara

and to soon be able to give you our full support in other areas of holistic management.


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